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More information about Kambo

Kambo medicine is a resinous secretion taken from the back of a large docile Amazonian tree frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor. The frog is not harmed during the process of collecting this resin. The indigenous peoples view the frog as a sacred animal and it is revered in their cultures.

It is used by a handful of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon to clear the energetic mucous in their systems (known as Panema in the Katukina tribe) which can cause illness and prevent clear communication and intuition while hunting, as an appetite suppressant, as well as many other uses.

A little background

About me, Greg Manning

Since a young age I have been interested in and experimenting with Shamanic techniques. In the earlier days I tended to wrestle mostly with my mind and my body – doing deep cleanses, studying nutrition and delving into cognitive work. I found these incredibly useful for uncovering and placating surface layers of dis-ease, but inadequate for getting to the roots of the problem.
My searching led me deep into spiritual practices and emotional release using altered states, breathwork, sound and bodywork. Others noticed changes in me and I began to share my findings – working in many different ways with people and learning how to heal the whole being on all levels from trapped traumas. I qualified in energy healing, Rebirthing, NLP, nutrition, yoga teaching and shamanism before discovering Kambo medicine.
Kambo embodies the whole-being healing which I had been emulating by combining different styles before. I felt how powerfully it re-aligned my whole energy system. I spent over a year hosting and witnessing the medicine being applied before seeking out training. Giovanni Lattanzi agreed to teach me his approach which combined TCM with Kambo which made sense to me.
Since my practitioner initiation with him I have been studying TCM with a master and developing new ways of working with the medicine with great results.

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Gregs skill and expertise made me feel very safe throughout the entire process. He holds the space with strength, care and humour. I highly recommend him.

Greg works in a very gentle and respectful way. He guided me through the process safely and with good cheer. The benefits have been instant and I look forward to seeing the long term effects. Can’t recommend him highly enough !

What an experience ! Masterfully handled by Greg – great space holder and wonderful, intense ceremony. I was looked after with love from start to finish and was even fed a most wonderful soup before a long drive home. If you are seeking the healing powers of the frog – Greg is the person to help you. Thanks !

And what are

The benefits of Kambo

There have been many studies on the individual peptides and their effects on the body. These include antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anaesthetic effects. The body reacts to the resin by boosting the natural immune system and ejecting toxicity through the liver and gallbladder, the intestines and the skin. In the Amazon the medicine is viewed energetically. It is believed that Kambo revitalizes the cells of the body bringing them back to life and purging negative energetic mucous. By clearing the dense cloud that surrounds the warriors, they are able to tune into their prey and hunt adeptly. It is also used as a kind of ‘vaccine’ to strengthen the body against all illnesses.

Many people report a vast array of benefits, helping afflictions such as fatigue, addiction, allergies, phobias, fertility problems, depression, migraines, thyroid issues, arthritis and circulation problems. The beneficial effects are wide and varied since a great amount of diseases are linked to blockages in the body physically and energetically and kambo unblocks dams and shifts these dynamics. Shifts vary from the subtle to the gross as a result.

When you come to a session, this is

How it works

The medicine is applied to points of the skin where the outer epidermal layers have been burnt off. Peptides in the medicine cause a chain reaction which travels through the lymph and into the blood at the heart, then through the blood brain barrier where they stimulate an endocrine reaction which triggers a detoxification effect throughout the body.

Kambo is a heart medicine and has the energetic effect of bringing the recipient back to their centre and back to alignment

Looking more closely at

What a Kambo session entails

The sessions always begin with a consultation. The more I can get to know the client, the better I’m able to judge dosages and ensure the smoothest and most effective session.

Kambo sessions are held in ritual giving reverence to the power of this incredible medicine. The participant and myself choose where we want to aim the medicine and ‘points’ (small holes made in the outer layer of the skin) are burnt into the appropriate places in the skin. I normally use 3 to 9 points, depending on the constitution of the participant.

Drinking fairly large amounts of water (approximately 2 litres depending on body mass) helps the body to absorb the fire energy of this medicine, as well as diluting the bile and reducing the harshness of the purge.

The medicine is moistened to remove it from the bamboo stick then applied to the points. After a short while the first feeling the recipient gets is normally heat in the head which marks the beginning of the ‘ordeal’. Normally this ‘ordeal’ includes nausea, vomiting and potentially intestinal evacuations over the space of 10-20 minutes, though some sessions are shorter and some are longer. The technique I use seems to go deeper in a gentler way, though sometime takes marginally longer. When the medicine is removed, the participant almost always feels better soon after.

I support the re-balancing of the system using various techniques including herbal and nutritional products. I also encourage the participant to eat some simple food such as soup when they are able to.

What you need to do when

Preparing for Kambo

Kambo detoxifies the body. The cleaner your system is in advance, the deeper the cleanse will be. This means reducing toxic foods and substances, and increasing fresh and raw fruit and vegetables. This helps clear the digestive system and hydrate the body. Drinking lots of water also helps the body hydrate.

I recommend avoiding meat for a few days prior to the treatment, and also very acidic fruits and foods.

It is important that no alcohol or recreational drugs are consumed for at least 24 hours and better 48 hours to a week. It is also important that at least 8 hours has passed since solid food prior to receiving kambo.

The energy body, physical body and emotional body are intrinsically linked – big changes in one can’t happen without causing a knock on effect in the others. While most of the western scientific research concentrates on the physical effect, the indigenous medicine carriers believe the effect to be predominantly energetic. We can prime our systems to be in the optimum condition for the greatest releases by tuning into what we want to release and consciously letting go. Spending time relaxing, loosening, releasing tension and calming all of the systems of the body in the days and hours leading up to the session can really help to maximise the release.

We combine the power of Kambo with

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kambo medicine has an incredible ability to flush and purge energy in the body. When this tool is used alongside the traditional Chinese meridian system, it can produce powerfully enhanced effects. As part of this cleanse I ask the participant questions about their wellbeing to ascertain where their might be condensed energy. I corroborate my suspicions by searching the meridians physically. I am then able to remove blockages using kambo and add energy using magnets and energetic touch to assist the body reach equilibrium.

How to

Book an appointment

If I have not worked with you before we’ll have a phone call so that I can get to know you a little better before the session. This will also allow me to make sure this medicine will be of benefit to you at this time. You can book by emailing me  at [email protected], or calling me on 07800 88 9097. I will send you out more information about the session and a questionnaire to be filled out in advance. When I’m happy that I can provide a safe experience for you, I will accept a non-refundable £30 deposit to secure your place.

If you have any questions or concerns about the medicine or the process, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask. It is vitally important that everyone comes to this process feeling fully safe and informed.


Session pricing

These sessions normally cost around £60-£75 and include a light meal afterwards. Sessions will generally begin at 6.00pm and finish by 10.30-11.00pm unless explicitly stated. There is a good chance that you will be completely safe to drive afterwards, though the option of staying if you don’t feel able is always available. It is generally best that you try and keep the following day as relaxed as possible to aid the integration process.

I am available for individual sessions or for private groups. These can be done In Glastonbury, venue and date permitting, or at a venue of your choice. I can come to you wherever you are, though a fee may apply depending on how far away you are.
If you have a larger group of you and a suitable venue then it further reductions are negotiable. 1-2-1 sessions are available at £125.

If you want to ask anything

Please get in touch

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